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2350 William St

(716) 892-4444

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  • Masters pizza is my husbands favorite place for steak subs.....me however have been very disappointed the last 4 times I have ordered there. The last 3 times I have ordered a chicken finger sub I have specifically ordered NO BLUE CHEESE. I do not like blue cheese and every time I have ordered a sub after specifically stating NO BLUE CHEESE I have gotten blue cheese what is so hard about following what a customer wants ? The other time we had guests we ordered a sheet pizza asking for the crust to not be so thick which it was the previous time and once again the outer crust was so thick it was over bearing and too much dough. My husband can continue to Oder there, I however will order my chicken finger subs where they can make it correctly.

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    1. great chicken wing pizza thats the only reason i go. horrible customer service though. every time i go in there the girl behind the counter is very nasty and very rude. i think i will start going to the one in buffalo on bailey and doat

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